Welcome to the MUSC Supplier Diversity Management Portal

Thank you for your interest in doing business with MUSC.

MUSC Health is dedicated to proactively support the involvement of diverse businesses that demonstrate a commitment to our values – compassion, teamwork, diversity, accountability, and innovation – and to meeting our high standards of excellence.

Supplier diversity creates innovative ways to deliver the highest quality products and services that provide the greatest value for our organization and our patients.  It also ensures that the dollars expended by MUSC contribute to the economic well-being and mirror the diversity of both our workforce and the communities we serve. We also expect our key suppliers and group purchase organizations (GPOs) to proactively seek opportunities to support our efforts through strategic partnerships with the registered small business and certified diverse supplier communities.

If you are a diverse business, this registration portal was designed with you in mind. Its purpose is to enable MUSC to establish new vendor relationships and identify potential suppliers for specific procurement requirements in the areas of Construction, Goods and Services, and Professional Services. It also helps MUSC’s Procurement team become aware of the products and services that your company offers while exposing your firm and Representatives to our Buyers.

Because MUSC’s sourcing teams will have the ability to evaluate your company for potential business opportunities, it is important to include all of your firm's capabilities and certifications. An incomplete profile may interfere with capability searches and you may be overlooked.

You will be automatically notified via-email upon successful completion of the registration process and you will be able to access the portal at any time to update your profile.

Please note that just being registered does not guarantee that you will secure business from MUSC nor does it constitute endorsement of your firm as an approved supplier.  It does, however, allow us to better understand your firm's capabilities and experience.